Please note that each pair of earrings are handmade, which means that no two pairs will be exactly the same. There may be some color variations or small imperfections on earrings. Please allow 5-7 business days to ship.

What if the earrings I love are sold-out?
If the earrings you love sell out, send us a message for possible pre-orders or special creations. 

Are your earrings heavy?

Polymer clay is very lightweight, which is one of the benefits of wearing them. No need in avoiding fun, dangly earrings because of how heavy they are; these re-introduce the opportunity to show your unique style through jewelry without worrying about the weight.

Will your earrings last?

Polymer clay is quite durable, meaning they should last if you are mindful of their proper care and storage. Some of these key factors for you to keep in mind are to avoid getting them wet, store them in room temperature and out of sunlight if possible to maintain color quality and integrity. Avoid bending the earrings or sleeping in them.

What materials do you use?

Polymer clay is the primary medium of all the earrings produced, with some having additional brass or gold-plated charms attached. Each collection will describe material specifics. Earring findings can vary however we are currently using gold plated (hypoallergenic) backs. If you have a specific request regarding the metal used in your order due to allergies or other preferences, please reach out directly before placing your order.